Great News for Goats! schuh Parent Company Genesco Says No to Cashmere

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After learning from PETA US that goats scream in pain and fear as they’re tied down and their hair is torn out in the cashmere industry, Genesco – which owns schuh, among other brands, and has stores in the UK and Ireland – has confirmed that it no longer uses cashmere.

To celebrate, the footwear and accessories retailer will receive a box of delicious vegan chocolates from PETA US.

Cruelty Behind Cashmere

A PETA Asia video investigation into the cashmere industry in China and Mongolia, which together are responsible for 90% of the world’s cashmere, revealed that terrified goats were pinned to the ground while workers ripped out their hair with sharp metal combs so violently that the animals screamed in pain and sustained bloody cuts.

Goats deemed no longer profitable were killed. At an abattoir in China, workers hit them on the head with a hammer in an attempt to stun them. And in Mongolia, workers dragged them by one leg onto the slaughterhouse floor before slitting their throats in full view of other goats.

Stay Away From Cashmere

Goats are gentle individuals, not scarves or jumpers. Please think of them next time you shop, and always check the label. If it says “cashmere”, leave it on the shelf and opt for vegan materials. Choose from fabrics that belong in 21st century, like soya cashmere, recycled materials, and organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo as well as modal, Tencel, and viscose made from sustainably harvested wood.

To help you shop vegan, we’ve put together this handy guide:

Goats Need Your Help

Join PETA in urging all fashion companies to follow Genesco’s compassionate, business-savvy lead and drop cruel cashmere. Take action now: