Georgina Amorós Leads the Charge Against Bullfighting With PETA Latino

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Spanish actor Georgina Amorós, renowned for her roles in In Love All Over Again and Elite, teamed up with PETA Latino in an ad calling on everyone around the world to join the compassion-for-animals movement by demanding an end to bullfighting.

Photo: © Carlota Guerrero

Thousands of Victims

Every year, thousands of bulls are slaughtered in bullfights in Spain, France, and Latin America. Each of these individuals has a unique personality and complex social bonds, yet they’re subjected to horrific torment in the bullring, where they’re relentlessly pushed to complete mental and physical exhaustion before they’re violently stabbed to death. These repulsive spectacles are nothing but the ritualistic slaughter of vulnerable, terrified animals.

“People have the misconception that bulls are violent and aggressive, when actually, they’re very peaceful and calm. And the truth is that they’re just frightened.”

– Georgina Amorós

Ritualised Murder

Most bullfights follow a barbaric three-part sequence. First, picadors on horseback drive lances into the bull’s back and neck, inflicting severe pain and causing significant blood loss that quickly weakens him. Then, banderilleros approach on foot, distracting him and stabbing him repeatedly in the same place with brightly coloured spears (banderillas), inflicting even more pain. Finally, when the bull has lost so much blood that he’s too weak to try to defend himself, the matador enters and attempts to deliver a fatal blow by severing the animal’s aorta. If he fails – and he usually does – the puntillero stabs the bull with a dagger (puntilla) in the back of the neck, attempting to cut his spinal cord. If this stroke is blundered, the bull may be conscious but paralysed when he’s chained by the horns and dragged out of the arena.

In bullfights, the victims may be stabbed with a puntilla, even though the World Organisation for Animal Health has classed it as an unacceptable method of killing since 2006 because it is so cruel. If the crowd is pleased with the matador’s performance, it may be rewarded with the grisly spectacle of the bull’s ears or tail being cut off as trophies while he’s still conscious.

“Throughout history, we’ve been living behind traditions that keep us in the past, and I think [with] bullfighting – it’s time already to put an end to it because it involves the suffering of living beings.”

– Georgina Amorós

Let the New Bullfighting Season Be the Last

Georgina’s powerful print ad will be prominently displayed on a billboard at 42 Calle de la Montera in central Madrid from 1 March, as the bullfighting season in Spain gets underway with events like the Copa Chenel and the Circuito Novilladas de la Comunidad de Madrid, which not only perpetuate cruelty to animals but also normalise violence, as even young people are encouraged to participate in these bloody spectacles.

Photo: © D. Canales

Bulls Need Your Help!

Join Georgina in speaking out against bullfighting and supporting initiatives to end it. Together, we can help create a world in which animals are treated with the respect and kindness they deserve:

  • Raise awareness by spreading the word about Georgina’s campaign and informing others about the cruelty of bullfighting.
  • Speak out by contacting government authorities and tourist boards to express your opposition to bullfighting and urge them to support initiatives to end it.
  • Push for legislative change by signing petitions and supporting initiatives that challenge the legality of bullfighting. In Spain, animal advocates are gathering signatures for the Popular Legislative Initiative “No Es Mi Cultura”. If successful, the initiative would strike down Law 18/2013, which regulates and protects bullfighting in Spain as cultural heritage.
  • Refuse to attend bullfights or participate in any events that promote cruelty to animals.
  • Please also sign our petition to the prime minister of Spain, calling for a national ban on bullfights and bull runs: