Global Love Day: PETA Urges Bath Locals to Care for Pigs With Vegan Bacon Giveaway

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Global Love Day doesn’t apply only to humans but to all animals. Pigs around the globe need love, not abuse. The international day, which takes place on 1 May, prompted a PETA “pig” mascot – joined by other “animal” friends – to hand out packets of free La Vie plant-based bacon and vegan starter kits in Bath city centre.

Locals were encouraged to opt for vegan meats – and La Vie’s plant-based bacon is one they’ll fall head over heels for.

A Pig’s Life in the Meat Industry

The stress and frustration of confinement can cause fighting among pigs. The UK meat industry’s solution? To clip or grind down piglets’ teeth and cut off their tails without using painkillers.

Mother pigs are forcibly impregnated over and over again to keep the cycle of abuse going. They’re confined to crates so small that they can’t even turn around. Mothers and piglets experience extreme grief as they’re torn apart after only a few weeks – at which point their babies are transported to fattening pens before eventually being sent to slaughter.

Male piglets may be castrated without anaesthetics – a barbaric procedure that’s legal in the UK – to prevent “boar taint”, whereby the pheromones of intact males give their flesh a bad taste.

A pig lays on the floor as other pigs stand around him or her at an "Initiative Tierwohl" (Initiative for Animal Welfare) labelled pig farm.

Pigs Love Affection

Just like humans, pigs are affectionate and form close bonds with one another. They show their love by grooming and even snout kissing. Spending just a few minutes with these sensitive animals will show you how much they love getting cuddles.

Take Action This Global Love Day

You can’t say you love animals and then eat them. Show pigs and other living, feeling beings how much you care this Global Love Day by going vegan for 30 days: