Good News! Children’s Clothing Company Stops Selling Real Fur

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Online retailer has adopted a fur-free policy and removed items for sale that were trimmed with real animal fur – including clothes for newborn babies and toddlers.

The company promised to ditch fur more than a year ago. But this season, shamefully, fur-trimmed items were still appearing on its website.

Knowing how animals suffer on fur farms, PETA supporters took action. Within just a few hours, thousands of people had contacted the company by e-mail, on Twitter and through Facebook and asked it to ditch fur.

Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives in filthy, miserable cages before being gassed or electrocuted for their skins. And wild animals caught in vicious traps suffer in pain for hours or even days before being bludgeoned to death by trappers. now joins a long list of compassionate retailers that have pledged to keep fur off their shelves, including everyone from high-street favourites such as Next to luxury department stores like Selfridges. Thank you to everyone who took action.

China Fur Investigation male raccoon dog

Another company that’s still selling real fur, despite hearing from thousands of concerned consumers, is The Kooples. Please take a moment to let this brand know that there’s nothing cool about cruelty, and ask it to join the ever-growing ranks of companies that have ditched fur.


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