Good News For Foxes! Prime Minister Abandons Attempt to Relax Hunting Ban

Posted by on March 26, 2014 | Permalink

Today at Prime Minister’s Questions, David Cameron was asked about his attempts to amend the Hunting Act 2004, to which he responded, “I regret to say I don’t think there will be government agreement to go forward”.

Fox Victory Last week, the League Against Cruel Sports reported that the government indicated that it was considering amending the Hunting Act by using an affirmative statutory instrument that would “lift the limit on the number of dogs used to flush out wild mammals and in doing so, with a full pack of up to 40 hounds being used, would make the Act impossible to police and undermine the legislation to such an extent it would be made toothless”.

Thousands of PETA supporters sprang into action and joined members of the League and other groups in contacting their Members of Parliament to ask them to ensure that the ban isn’t repealed.

This victory means that the proposal to amend the Hunting Act, which would have brought back the cruel practice of hunting with hounds, has been defeated. Thank you to everyone who signed our action alert!

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