Good News for Geese! Spanish Clothing Brand Ecoalf to Be Down-Free by 2020

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After hearing from PETA US, Spanish clothing brand Ecoalf has not only debuted a line of “PETA-Approved Vegan” environmentally friendly jackets but also pledged to drop feathers, including down, from all its designs by 2020.

As today’s shoppers are rejecting cruelty to animals, including ripping out birds’ feathers and leaving the animals bloody so that the feathers can be stuffed into coats, brands are taking notice and putting compassion into fashion.

What’s Wrong With Down?

In the down industry, workers commonly clamp live birds upside down between their knees and tear out handfuls of their feathers as they struggle and shriek in pain. Birds are often plucked so violently that their skin rips open, leaving them with gaping wounds that workers then sew shut—without giving them any pain relief.

A PETA exposé of the down industry in China documented that workers on farms connected to “humane”-certified and “responsible” companies left sick and injured geese and ducks to die slowly. Dead birds were found decaying in crates and ponds, and others were tossed outside like rubbish.

Alternatives Are Widely Available

Today’s high-tech feather-free fillers – including 3M Thinsulate, DuPont Sorona, PrimaLoft, and Thermore – are luxurious, soft, warm, and animal-friendly.

What You Can Do for Geese

  • Always choose animal-free clothing. Check out the list of the major brands that have ditched down.
  • If you see a shop selling feather-filled items, please get in touch and ask it to adopt a down-free policy. Share our hard-hitting video with its management to demonstrate why down-free fashion and home furnishings are the way forward.
  • Urge Canada Goose to stop selling feathers from geese and fur from coyotes:
  • Ask Lands’ End to stop selling down and switch to animal-friendly vegan insulation: