Gorilla Biscuits’ Arthur Smilios on Why Everyone Should Watch ‘Earthlings’

Posted by on April 12, 2016 | Permalink

Iconic hard-core band Gorilla Biscuits have been shouting loud for animals since the 1980s. During their recent European tour, which made stops in London, Munich and elsewhere, PETA Germany sat down with founding member Arthur Smilios to discuss his decision to go vegan and get his advice for fans who want to become active for animals.

In the interview, Arthur describes going vegan as a joyful decision and the single most important one he ever made in his life. Gorilla Biscuits’ classic song “Cats and Dogs” has been inspiring fans to reject speciesism for decades, and the song’s meaning still holds true for Arthur: “If you’re gonna consume a pig, then why wouldn’t you consume your cat or dog? There’s really no difference”.

He says that being vegan means that he can go up to his cats and tell them that he really loves them and all animals. He also encourages fans to watch the documentary Earthlings: “It’s comprehensive, it gets the point across, it strikes home. … It is the single greatest argument for a vegan diet”.

And he offers advice for getting active for animals:

Doing activism is as easy as standing on a corner and handing out pamphlets, which groups like PETA and Vegan Outreach will give you for free. You can stand for an hour a day and just smile and be nice and hand them to people. And people will take them, and they’ll read them.

Feeling inspired? Order some leaflets, join PETA’s Action Team and help make the world a better place for animals!