See How Berliners React to Monkey Sounds Coming From This Mysterious ‘Air France’ Cargo Crate

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Air France has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons (again!) this week, as two of its executives literally had the shirts torn from their backs by an angry mob of workers and had to flee over a fence after announcing major staff layoffs.

The airline’s shares are plummeting and jobs are being cut for a number of reasons. The company has faced prolonged strike action over claims that it’s trampling on workers’ rights. But another factor, surely, must be its callous disregard for animal rights – in particular, the fact that it’s the only major airline that still ships monkeys to laboratories for animal testing.

Understandably, many potential customers are horrified to hear about Air France’s reputation for cruelty and have been staying away in droves.

A street action by PETA Germany captured just how uneasy most members of the public feel when they learn that terrified primates are transported in the cargo holds of Air France flights, sometimes just below unsuspecting passengers’ feet.

See how Berliners reacted when an “Air France” crate mysteriously landed in Alexanderplatz, apparently filled with crying monkeys:

Maybe if Air France laid off monkeys, it wouldn’t need to lay off so many of its workers.

Take action for these animals here.