Great News for Minks and Foxes! Czech Parliament Votes to Ban Fur Farming

Posted by on June 7, 2017 | Permalink

Earlier today, the Czech parliament voted to adopt a new bill which will outlaw all fur farming from 2019 onwards. This is a huge victory for animals, as the legislation will spare approximately 20,000 minks and foxes a year immense suffering at the hands of the fur industry. A recent opinion poll found that 83 per cent of Czech people support the ban.

Fur farms to be banned in the Netherlands

The fur industry is synonymous with cruelty, and fur farming is already illegal in several European countries, including Austria, the Netherlands, and the UK, while Belgium and Germany look likely to adopt bans soon. Animals on fur farms suffer every day of their short lives. They’re often kept in cramped wire cages, unable to socialise, play, or engage in any other form of natural behaviour. This confinement causes them such psychological distress that many go insane and mutilate themselves or spend hours on end turning in circles. Once they’re old enough, they’re subjected to a barbaric death by gassing or electrocution.

What You Can Do

While the Czech Republic is joining the ever-growing list of countries that have banned fur farming, Ireland – where more than 150,000 minks are still killed for their fur every year – is lagging woefully behind. Please help these animals by sending a message to the Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine now, reminding him that fur farming has no place in a compassionate society: