Hail the Kale! More Vegan Grub on the High Street

Posted by on September 27, 2013 | Permalink

Good news for sandwich fans! PETA UK Vegan Food Award winner and national fast-food chain Pret A Manger has added even more vegan goodies to its offerings!

A new Super Greens sandwich, featuring kale, spinach and avocado, joins its Naked Avocado Bloomer as a vegan option on its sandwich shelf.

Vegan Option At Pret A Manager

It’s also added more varieties of vegan soup: the beetroot and horseradish soup, South Indian tomato and spice soup, smoky root vegetable and bean soup and butternut squash and sage soup are all delicious and free of animal products.

Pret has also added a page to its “What Can I Eat” guide that details all the choices for hungry herbivores. With about 335 shops, getting vegan food on the go is now even easier.

Vegan Pret a Manger Sandwich

Earlier this month, Pret won a PETA UK Vegan Food Award, which highlighted the best food for compassionate eaters. Other winners included products available on the high street and at supermarkets across the country, from pasties and doughnuts to ice cream and vegan cheese.

The number of plant-based foods will only grow as more and more Britons make the compassionate decision to go vegan. Almost one in 10 people is dumping dairy products, and UK sales of “meat-free” and “free from” foods are set to top £1 billion this year! If you aren’t vegan already, now’s the time to take our pledge to go vegan. Whether it’s for animals, the planet or your own health, sign up, and we’ll help you along the way.