Harry Styles Has a Message for Fans: ‘Don’t Go to SeaWorld!’

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One Direction singer Harry Styles spoke out against SeaWorld at his gig last week in San Diego, and his message was loud and clear. ”Does anybody here like dolphins?” Harry asked. “Don’t go to SeaWorld!”

You heard him ladies and gents. Don’t go to sea world🚨🚨🚨 @harrystyles

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The awesome video of his statement was posted on Instagram by Maisie Williams, the actor who plays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, reaching her 1.2 million followers with the caption “You heard him ladies and gents. Don’t go to sea world”.

Harry and Maisie have good reasons for speaking out. In nature, dolphins swim vast distances every day with their extended families, exploring new places and seeking out adventures. Dolphins at SeaWorld are confined to tiny tanks and see the same concrete walls every day of their lives. Sixty-two bottlenose dolphins have died at SeaWorld parks in just 10 years – and 16 of those were stillborn babies.

Captive dolphins demonstrate various types of stress-driven and neurotic behaviour, including self-injury and aggression. And dolphins are often dosed with antacids to treat stress-induced ulcers.

You can help the dolphins imprisoned at SeaWorld by never visiting its theme parks and by signing our action alert urging the government of Dubai not to allow the company to export its cruelty and set up shop there.