Faroe Islands: 7 Ways to Help Dolphins

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The Faroe Islands massacre – in which 1,428 white-sided dolphins were slaughtered in just one day – shocked the world.

Every year, hundreds or thousands of whales and dolphins are chased into the bays of the Faroe Islands by boats during hunts, known as “grinds”, and massacred in barbaric ways. The hunters drive metal hooks into the stranded mammals’ blowholes before severing their spinal cords with a spear and cutting their throats with a knife.

If you’re outraged by this, turn your emotions into action. Here’s how you can help dolphins in the Faroe Islands and around the world.

7 Ways to Help Dolphins and Whales in the Faroe Islands and Around the World:


1. Speak Out for Dolphins and Whales in the Faroe Islands

We need to keep the pressure on the government. Urge the prime minister of the Faroe Islands and the Faroe Islands tourist board to ban the bloody massacre. Send them a message now:

2. Help Protect Dolphins From Being Massacred in the Japanese ‘Killing Cove’

Dolphin in Japanese killing cove

Have you heard of the Taiji massacre? In this small fishing village in Japan, hunters ambush entire schools of dolphins and force the panicked animals into shallow waters after a prolonged chase. Once they’re trapped inside the cove, the hunters stab them to death with spears or knives. The water turns red with their blood. In the 2020 hunt, 740 dolphins were slaughtered or taken captive.

Please send an e-mail to the Japanese ambassador to the UK urging him to use his influence to help stop the slaughter of dolphins.

3. Never Go to Marine Parks

Marine parks are no place for dolphins. They are kidnapped from their homes and forced to live in cramped enclosures and to perform confusing tricks to entertain the public. With no physical, psychological, or emotional stimulation, they spend their days swimming in endless circles.

Never go to SeaWorld or any other marine parks, and tell all your friends to stay away from these watery prisons, too.

4. Ask TUI to Stop Supporting Dolphin Abuse


When you speak out, they listen. Help put pressure on travel providers and urge them to stop supporting cruelty to dolphins. Despite being fully aware of SeaWorld’s abuse of dolphins, travel company TUI continues to sell tickets to the abusement park.

Urge the company to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld:

5. Put Pressure on ABTA

British travel trade association ABTA is also letting dolphins down. The organisation rightly advises its members not to promote tourist activities such as bullfighting and elephant rides – but it doesn’t take a stand against dolphin captivity.

Urge ABTA to include dolphin captivity on its “Unacceptable Practices” list:

6. Watch ‘Seaspiracy’ and Show It to Your Friends


Did you know that over 300,000 whales and dolphins are killed each year as “by-catch” of fishing? Watch Seaspiracy to learn more, and tell your friends and family to do the same.

7. Don’t Eat Fish

Anyone outraged by the massacres of dolphins should know that eating fish is no better. Not only is the fishing industry even more deadly to dolphins, we also know that, like dolphins and all other animals, fish are sentient individuals who feel pain. Check out our list of vegan fish and seafood and order a copy of our free vegan starter kit for cooking tips and recipe inspiration:



Want to Do More?

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