Great News: HelloFresh Stops Supporting Monkey Labour

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Great news! Following several PETA Asia investigations, an intense three-month campaign, and nearly 100,000 e-mails from PETA entity supporters worldwide, HelloFresh has confirmed that it will remove Thai coconut milk products from its supply chain.

Monkeys exploited in the Thai coconut industry are kept chained and tethered on patches of dirt and forced into a lifetime of labour picking coconuts. Dropping coconut milk products from Thailand is the only way to guarantee a supply chain free of forced monkey labour – so the compassionate decision is great news.

Thank you to everyone who spoke out and sent messages to HelloFresh executives.

PETA Asia’s latest investigation shows that despite knowing about the circumstances of Thai coconut milk production, HelloFresh was still using it in its meal kits.

The online food delivery company had previously denied its use of coconut milk tied to forced monkey labour, citing flimsy assurances from Thai producers. However, footage has repeatedly shown that the Thai government and coconut milk producers can’t be trusted not to lie about abusing monkeys.

Since the Thai coconut industry continues to deny its rampant monkey abuse, the best thing anyone can do to help these animals is avoid purchasing canned coconut milk produced in Thailand.

A Lifetime of Forced Labour for Monkeys

Monkey suppliers reportedly illegally abduct most of the macaques used in the Thai coconut milk industry from nature. Individuals are torn away from their loving families and forced into exhausting labour for humans.

Handlers put rigid metal collars around the animals’ necks, using chains or leashes to choke and control them.

Through months of physical abuse and punishment, they’re coerced into submission. Their canine teeth may be removed so they can’t defend themselves, and investigators learned that monkeys may incur injuries from falls and animal bites.

They’re kept chained on barren, rubbish-strewn patches of dirt or in cramped cages. Often, there is no access to food, water, or adequate shelter. Many monkeys endure extreme psychological distress from the forced captivity and abuse.

Keeping Up the Momentum

There’s no way to guarantee that coconut milk from Thailand didn’t come from forced monkey labour. Always check the label on coconut milk products, and if it reads “Product of Thailand”, leave the item on the shelf.

In light of HelloFresh’s move away from Thai coconut milk, PETA is calling on Whole Foods to follow suit and source its products from monkey-safe countries such as Indonesia instead. There’s no legitimate excuse for continuing to support forced labour of any kind.