Here’s Why American Vintage Should Ban Angora

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The French fashion brand American Vintage claims that “kindness” is one of its core values, yet it continues to sell clothes made of angora, which is commonly ripped out of rabbits in a cruel process known as “live plucking”. Click here to urge the brand to stop using angora. 

Angora production is a nightmare for rabbits.

Our exposé of angora farms in China – the world’s leading producer of the material – revealed that workers yanked out terrified rabbits’ fur by the fistful and that some animals screamed in pain and fear.

They endure this process repeatedly for two to three years before ultimately being killed.

On Chinese farms visited by PETA US – facilities supplying angora to companies that claim that third-party audits have deemed their sources “humane” – rabbits spend their lives isolated in filthy cages. They’re let out only to be violently plucked and, ultimately, slaughtered.

French animal rights organisation One Voice revealed that on angora farms in France, rabbits were tied to tables while their fur was torn out. Workers also twisted and pulled the animals into unnatural positions in order to pluck the hair from all over their bodies, including their genitals.

How to Help Rabbits

PETA France has informed American Vintage about the cruelty inherent in angora production, but the company has yet to take any steps towards banning it.

Please call on the brand to join hundreds of others around the world – including fashion giants Calvin Klein, H&M, ASOS, and Lacoste – in pledging not to use angora in future collections: