Worcestershire Man Receives PETA Award for Rescuing Stranded Sheep

Posted by on September 5, 2023 | Permalink

In recognition of his quick thinking in saving the life of a stranded sheep, Worcestershire local Chris Oxlade-Arnott has received a Hero to Animals Award from PETA.

According to news reports, Oxlade-Arnott and his wife, Jilly, spotted a distressed sheep stuck on a jagged rock in the sea while walking in Devon. As the tide was coming in fast and the sheep was unable to escape the rising waters, Oxlade-Arnott decided to scale the treacherous rocks, gather her up, and carry her back to safety.

Thanks to Oxlade-Arnott’s heroic efforts, what could have been a tragedy for this sheep had a happy ending.

We hope his compassionate action will serve as inspiration to others to help animals in need.

Treat Sheep With Respect

Did you know that sheep can display emotion through facial expressions and recognise them in other sheep? They also use different vocalisations to communicate with one another.

Ewes are caring mothers who have deep bonds with their young – each mother can recognise her lambs by their bleats alone. Yet the meat and wool industries treat these gentle individuals as collections of body parts [Meat issues page] or wool-producing machines. [Link to Issues page]

Please, spare a thought for sheep, and help them by eating vegan and wearing only vegan clothes.