Hollywood Mum Emily Deschanel: Why I Ditched Dairy

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Actor, producer and mother Emily Deschanel makes no bones about her beliefs – as a committed vegan, she’s totally appalled by the cruelty of the dairy industry. She stars as forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan in hit US crime drama Bones, but in PETA’s brand-new video, it’s the horror of factory farming that she’s investigating.

Watch her behind-the-scenes exposé of how cows raised for milk are treated:

As a mum, Emily explains that she doesn’t want to participate in the suffering of other mothers. The idea of having your child stolen away from you, never to be seen again, is heartbreaking for any parent. Yet as the video reveals, this happens to mother cows every day, as their calves are snatched from their sides and sold into a life of misery – even though these sensitive animals have the same strong instincts to love and nurture their young as we do.

The milk that they produce to feed their babies is instead filched by humans. Cows on UK dairy farms are forced into a painful cycle of continuous pregnancy, hooked up to milking machines and drugged to produce many times more milk than they would naturally. Farmers also routinely subject cows to agonising procedures such as punching holes in their ears and burning off their sensitive horn tissue. After a few years of this harsh routine, the exhausted animals are sent to be slaughtered.

Emily has ditched dairy products because she wants nothing to do with this abusive industry. And by raising her son on a cruelty-free vegan diet, she knows that she’s giving him the best start in life, reducing his risk of allergies, helping him to avoid other harmful side effects of milk and teaching him empathy and compassion.

She’s also encouraging you to do the same. Going vegan is the best way to help cows, and with an astounding range of dairy-free vegan products available, the move away from cow’s milk has never been easier! Order our free vegan starter kit for more information.

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