Horses Spared From Life of Misery on Oxford Streets

Posted by on December 20, 2011 | Permalink

Horse eyeIt’s the season of celebration, and in that spirit, we’ve got another reason for you to feel jovial this Christmas: Oxford City Council has rejected plans to reintroduce horse-drawn carriages! We are SO grateful to you, our brilliant supporters, who accounted for 95 per cent of the objections received by the council!

Horses are extremely sensitive to loud noises and unexpected sounds, and busy city streets have plenty of both. There have been countless incidents in which horses and people have suffered serious injuries or even died when horses became spooked and bolted. In recent months, several horses have collapsed and died in New York, which highlights the necessity of a ban on this cruel form of entertainment, wherever it takes place.

Thanks again to all of you who helped make this happen. Your actions really do make a difference!