HSBC Pulls Ad – There’s Suffering Behind Dolphin Kisses

Posted by on May 31, 2016 | Permalink

A box of delicious dolphin-shaped vegan chocolates is on its way to HSBC as thanks for the bank’s recent decision to pull an ad that showed a child kissing a captive dolphin. HSBC made the call after learning from PETA US that highly intelligent, far-ranging dolphins suffer from emotional, physical and psychological stress when they’re held captive in small pools or makeshift lagoons for “swim with dolphins” programmes.

Dolphins don't belong in captivity

Compassionate people everywhere should steer clear of any business that exploits captive marine mammals for profit, and HSBC made the right call by pulling the ad and not promoting such “attractions”.

“Swim with dolphins” programmes usually keep animals in small pools or polluted sea pens and are often poorly regulated. Driven by greed, many facilities operate almost continuously, giving animals little respite from a constant stream of tourists. The stress of captivity takes its toll on dolphins and can cause them to develop painful conditions, such as stomach ulcers, and many die prematurely. In addition, many of the parks that host these events use dolphins who were taken from the ocean illegally or through immensely cruel methods, such as the baby dolphins who are torn away from their families during the annual Japanese dolphin hunt.

Learn the truth about the cruelty behind dolphin captivity, and please share to help holidaymakers understand why they should never patronise one of these excursions.