PETA’s ‘Human Meat’ Shocks London Shoppers on World Vegan Day

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“Bloodied”, covered with cling film, and slapped with a “carbon neutral” and “free-range” label, PETA supporters – including musician NEO 10Y – posed as packages of “human meat” outside a Piccadilly Circus supermarket this World Vegan Day in a push to persuade shoppers to stock up on vegan foods.

All animals, including humans, are made of flesh, and labels promising “humane” meat are meaningless, particularly to those who were killed in an abattoir.

Given that we all feel pain and fear, anyone who claims to eat “humane” meat may just as well eat another human. If people are disgusted by this prospect, they should extend their compassion to other animals, who suffer as much as humans would when faced with a life of misery and a terrifying death, and go vegan.

What Does ‘High-Welfare’ and ‘Humane’ Farming Really Look Like?

Disturbing footage from UK farms, including those self-described as “humane” or audited under the Red Tractor label, exposes rampant cruelty to pigs, cows, chickens, and other animals.

These intelligent animals are locked in dark, dirty pens and suffer from illness and injuries resulting from abuse and mistreatment.



Ethical Meat Doesn’t Exist

Eating meat means sentencing animals to death. Regardless of the label or the certification of the farm it came from, none of the animals escape the abattoir. Babies, mums, dads – everyone is killed for an unnecessary meal.

Their families are torn away from them, and their bodies are hacked to pieces and packaged up for nothing more than a fleeting moment of taste.

There’s nothing ethical about commodifying living, feeling beings.

The Only Truly “Humane” Label Is Vegan

World Vegan Day marks the start of PETA’s World Vegan Month Challenge. For 30 days, we’ll send everyone who signs up e-mails packed with crowd-pleasing recipes, meal plans for a balanced diet, and top tips on all things vegan.

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