‘If You Wouldn’t Eat Me, Why Eat a Turkey?’

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This Christmas, we’re asking people to extend the holiday spirit to all animals by leaving turkeys off their plates. The telling question “If you wouldn’t eat your dog, why eat a turkey?” is starting a conversation in London, as PETA’s Christmas bus ads roll across town, and now on social media, turkeys have an unexpected ally.

Dog with Sign Dont' Eat Turkey

Dogs, with a little bit of help from their human companions, have taken to social media to make people aware that turkeys, just like dogs, are highly intelligent beings with unique personalities, feelings and the capacity to experience pain.

Dog Sign Don't Eat Turkey Christmas

Go Vegan! #NoTurkeyForXmas @petauk

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  • Dog with Sign Don't Eat Turkey Christmas

  • Dog with Sign Dont' Eat Turkey

If your companion animal would like to join the fun, take a photo, upload it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #NoTurkeyForXmas and tag @PETAUK.

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