Boris: Animals Need Action, Not Hot Air, Says PETA

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Together with over 30 UK animal protection organisations, PETA floated giant elephant and lion balloons at the Houses of Parliament to urge the prime minister to stop crucial animal welfare legislation from being dropped. The message was clear: animals need action, not hot air.

Several Members of Parliament, including Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion; Ruth Jones, Labour MP for Newport West; and Martyn Day, SNP MP for Linlithgow and East Falkirk, came to show support for the initiative. Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb (Green Party) and Baroness Hayman of Ullock (Labour) also attended.

lion and elephant balloons don't betray animals

The ‘Don’t Betray Animals’ Coalition

The demonstration was organised by the “Don’t Betray Animals” Coalition, a collection of animal-friendly companies and the UK’s largest animal protection groups, including PETA. It was formed following reports that the government is backpedalling on its pledge to “have and promote the highest standards of animal welfare” by dropping the promised Animals Abroad Bill.

Other groups in the coalition include Animal Aid, Animal Equality UK, the Born Free Foundation , Compassion in World Farming, Four Paws UK, the Humane League UK, Humane Society International/UK, the League Against Cruel Sports, LUSH, Naturewatch Foundation, the RSPCA, and World Animal Protection.

What’s the Bill About?

The government promised that the Animals Abroad Bill would ban the import of hunting “trophies”, fur, and foie gras as well as the promotion in the UK of cruel activities overseas, such as elephant rides.

We cannot let the government abandon its commitment to animals!

Don’t Betray Animals or the UK Public!

The action is accompanied by a new Focaldata poll, which shows that 72% of the UK public would like to see the government pass more laws designed to improve the welfare of animals and protect them from cruelty.

To date, over a million Brits have signed petitions in support of a sales and import ban on fur and foie gras.

If the government were to backtrack, it would be betraying not only the animals – who desperately need this bill to protect them – but also the public, who have made their opposition clear.

How Can You Help Keep the Bill?

Help keep this bill alive by calling on Boris Johnson to deliver on his commitments and champion these vital measures for imperilled animals, from birds to big cats: