Infographic: 11 Reasons Why Fortnum & Mason Should Stop Selling Foie Gras

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We know it. The RSPCA and the International Veterinary Society know it. Ducks and geese know it. Tens of thousands of PETA supporters know it. And UK lawmakers know it, too. Foie gras is wrong, and it doesn’t belong on British shelves.

But Fortnum & Mason just doesn’t seem to get it. Despite overwhelming opposition, a succession of creative protests and clear evidence of how cruel foie gras production is, the shop hasn’t stopped selling this “torture in a tin”.

So we whipped up this handy infographic to summarise the key reasons why the store needs to show foie gras the door. Please take a look, and share it with anyone you know who shops at Fortnum & Mason. And if you haven’t already, join the movement to save animals from being abusively force-fed on French foie gras farms – take action here.

PETA Fortnum & Mason Foie Gras Infographic

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