Poll Shows Overwhelming Public Support for Non-Animal Research

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A new poll about animal testing by Ipsos MORI reveals that the majority of the British public want to see much more work done to implement non-animal research methods.


Here are some key facts from this year’s survey:

  • A staggering 74 per cent call for more work on non-animal approaches.
  • 59 per cent of Britons are concerned about the use of animals in experiments.
  • 34 per cent do not trust the regulatory system that governs animal experimentation.
  • Support for an outright ban on animal experimentation is at a 14-year high, at 26 per cent.

Despite this continuing shift in public opinion, Britain is still conducting millions of experiments on animals every year, and investment in cutting-edge, humane science is far below the levels it should be.

This lack of progress is especially baffling given that research methods that don’t use animals are likely to lead to far more accurate results. Testing on animals is obsolete – systematic reviews in leading medical journals show that studying human diseases in monkeys, rodents, or other animals is fraught with problems, because we are studying species that aren’t analogous to humans.

This new data makes it clear that the public thinks we should be focusing on innovative non-animal methods, not on archaic experiments in which animals are drugged, cut open, burned, or electrocuted. The government needs to take this message on board and act urgently to make Britain a global leader in progressive, compassionate scientific research that’s fit for the 21st century.

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