71% of Oxfordshire Respondents Don’t Want Greyhound Racing

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As greyhound racing is reportedly set to return to Oxford Stadium, a new poll commissioned by PETA and the League Against Cruel Sports has revealed that most people in Oxfordshire don’t want it to and would not attend the races.

The vast majority – 71% – of respondents with an opinion on the matter would prefer that the stadium be used for another purpose. Locals simply don’t want to see intelligent dogs exploited and disregarded like used betting slips.

Oxford Stadium Must Find Another Purpose

British Cycling has reviewed the stadium and given the green light for the development of a velodrome – which is something that the whole community could enjoy and no animal would suffer for.

Why Locals Are Opposed to Greyhound Racing

Many puppies bred for greyhound racing are killed in the name of “selective breeding” before they ever set foot on a racetrack.

Those who do qualify to become racers are typically kept caged and muzzled and suffer from sores and parasites. Dogs are often doped, and some test positive for Class A drugs – including cocaine.

Once their racing days are over, many are abandoned or killed. A report released by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain revealed that more than 400 greyhounds used for racing died or were euthanised in 2020, despite COVID-19 restrictions that drastically reduced the number of races. Gaps in official records also suggest thousands of dogs “disappear” every year – these animals are presumed dead. When they are no longer winning races, some are shipped overseas to China, where there are no welfare laws to protect them. There, they will be kept in a cage for the rest of their life and used for breeding, or they may eventually be boiled alive and eaten.

What You Can Do

To date, nearly 30,000 concerned residents and PETA supporters – including Oxford’s own Miriam Margolyes – have urged Oxford City Council to oppose reopening Oxford Stadium for greyhound racing.

You can join them in speaking out for greyhounds now: