Jessica-Jane Clement: No Bunny Should Suffer for Beauty

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The Real Hustle’s Jessica-Jane Clement, who was named one of FHM’s Sexiest Women, is determined to help stop cosmetics tests on animals.

In her stunning new ad for PETA, Jessica-Jane and her equally beautiful companion, Sammy, highlight the threat that the EU’s 2013 ban on the sale of all cosmetics tested on animals is currently facing. If the ban does not go ahead as planned, companies which use rabbits like Sammy and thousands of rats, mice and guinea pigs in cruel and completely unnecessary experiments will continue to profit by selling their products in Europe.


Animal tests for cosmetics and their ingredients are illegal in the EU, but until the 2013 ban comes into effect, companies can continue to conduct animal tests outside the EU and sell their products here. Hundreds of compassionate and progressive companies avoid animal tests by using the thousands of safe cosmetics ingredients that have already been approved and are available to make fantastic products that are as kind to animals as they are to us. Scandalously, though, some in the cosmetics industry are putting pressure on the European Commission to postpone or compromise the ban.

Read our exclusive Q&A with Jessica-Jane to find out more about her views on cruelty to animals and much more:

What made you decide to support PETA’s campaign to protect the EU’s 2013 deadline for banning the sale of animal-tested cosmetics?
Well, first of all, I am incredibly sentimental about animals and always have been. I grew up with dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish, so animals have always been a big part of my life. Secondly, everyone knows that make-up is a huge passion of mine, and if I hadn’t fallen into acting and presenting, I was going to do make-up. This means that a lot of girls ask me daily about different cosmetics and which ones they should use, so I am in a powerful position, especially with social media. I have a lot of female fans who look up to me, and if you want to influence people, you must lead by example. I think doing this campaign will show people how important this ban is.

Why is the sales ban important, and what actions would you advise your fans and the public to take to make sure that the EU does not delay the 2013 deadline?
Cosmetics are more popular now than ever before – not only with women, but men are now embracing their feminine side, which had seen a boom in the male grooming industry, and girls are starting to use make-up younger than ever before. With such a high demand for cosmetics and high-profile, celebrity-endorsed cosmetic companies advertising just about everywhere, it’s important to nip animal testing in the bud before the demand for animal-tested products gets out of hand. Please contact European Commissioner John Dalli to urge him to press ahead with plans for sales ban.

Why do you feel so strongly about the issue of cosmetics testing? Was there a photograph or video footage that you saw that particularly upset you?
There was no image in particular that made me want to become involved in the issue. In fact, I do everything I can to avoid seeing photos of animals being tested on as the images I have seen still haunt me. I grew up in an animal-loving household and saw how loving and gentle my mum and dad were with our animals, which was passed onto me and my brother. Testing on animals isn’t necessary; many companies don’t test at all.

Make-up means a great deal to you. What advice can you give to people who are unsure about where to get their cruelty-free cosmetics?
The sad truth is that the biggest cosmetic companies and the most advertised are, in fact, the ones the test on animals the most. It is easy to assume that many companies are cruelty-free, but they are not. There are fantastic make-up companies that don’t test on animals, and you can find them by logging onto the Humane Cosmetics Standard list online at

Who are your style icons, and what makes them fashionable?
I have always loved Pamela Anderson! My grandma used to see her on TV and say, “She is so so beautiful!”. I think Pamela is the ultimate sex symbol and still is today because she has always embraced her curves and long blonde hair and has never tried to change her style. She has confidence in who she is. On the other end of the scale, Eva Mendes is just breathtakingly stunning and always looks so classy and elegant. A real star. My favourite label is Vivienne Westwood. I love everything about her designs, who she is and what she stands for. My fiancé knows that if my birthday is coming up, he gets straight down to Vivienne Westwood.

Do you have any companion animals?
Oh yes, I do! I have two Coton de Tuléar dogs! Knickers is my little girl, and Pants is her younger brother. Right now Pants is trying to jump up onto my knee, and Knickers is sleeping by my feet. I have never felt such love for anything in my life. They are completely reliant on me, and I just love it. I am definitely ready to be a mum!

Are there any other animal issues aside from cosmetics testing that are important to you?
Yes, I was watching an episode of Fashion Police (or as my mum calls it, “Bitches Bitching”) on the E! channel. They were talking about Rihanna, who wore a crocodile skin–style Tom Ford dress. None of them seemed that fazed by the fact that Rihanna was wearing a dead animal. Impressionable girls will now want similar dresses, so demand will go up, and companies will make them. I don’t think this is cool at all!

What plans do you have coming up in the near future?
At the moment, I am rehearsing for a short film called 2 Persons Max, directed by Tim Kent. It is a very-much-anticipated and ambitious project. I am also shooting a movie called Krish and Lee, which is an upcoming Britflick about two guys who have a wild 48 hours in London trying to get some rent money. The script is hilarious! I also have a very exciting project coming up which I am very excited about. I will keep you posted.