Jet2’s Annual Meeting Flooded With Protesting Orcas

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A sea of “orcas” protested outside Jet2’s annual meeting today, calling on the travel provider to drop marine parks that hold cetaceans in tanks for entertainment from its holiday packages.

PETA’s Campaign Against Orca Abuse

The annual meeting marks one year since PETA launched its campaign urging Jet2holidays to join other travel providers – including British Airways Holidays and Virgin Atlantic Holidays – in refusing to sell tickets to marine parks.

Despite growing pressure, the company continues to promote and sell tickets to marine parks where whales and dolphins are suffering.

In addition to the action outside the meeting, a representative from PETA US – which became a Jet2 shareholder last year in order to influence company policy – will put pressure on decision-makers inside the meeting, openly calling on the company to stop promoting marine parks and selling tickets to the exploitative facilities.

The Miserable Life of Animals in Marine Parks

Orcas and other dolphins are intelligent animals who, when kept in marine parks, suffer from social, physical, and psychological stress.

In nature, orcas form complex relationships, work cooperatively to find food, and can traverse up to 150 miles of ocean every day. However, those at marine parks are housed in incompatible groups in cramped concrete tanks – which can be 10,000 times smaller than their natural home range.

Kept in concrete prisons for decades and forced to perform tricks for tourists, the majority die far short of their natural life expectancy.

Marine Park Ticket Sales Fuel Cruelty to Cetaceans

Marine parks are only able to continue confining animals to cramped tanks as long they sell tickets. Don’t give facilities like these a lifeline. Instead, visit animal-free attractions.

Join PETA’s campaign and urge Jet2holidays to cut ties with orca abuse now: