Join Rylan Clark and Evict Fur

Posted by on July 6, 2013 | Permalink

Singer, model and flamboyant presenter Rylan Clark may have made his name on reality TV shows, but now he’s speaking out about another reality: the inherent abuse of animals in the fur industry.

The outspoken star got his kit off for a revealing new ad for PETA, making the point that there is absolutely no excuse for wearing another animal’s skin.


As an X-Factor finalist, a Celebrity Big Brother champion and the new host of Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, Rylan is accustomed to life in the limelight. And like many others, he knows that the secret to looking fabulous is to be comfortable in your own skin – not to wear someone else’s.

Everyone knows I love fashion and costumes – the more spectacular the better – but the one thing I refuse to wear is animal fur”, he says. “There’s so much else we can wear today that it’s ridiculous to kill an animal for their fur. If you see me in something furry, I’m faking it all the way!

The naked truth about fur is this: it’s made by hurting and killing foxes, rabbits, minks, dogs, cats and other animals. These animals are electrocuted, drowned, beaten and often skinned alive so that their fur can be turned into coats and trim. Before being killed, they are either kept in cramped, filthy cages on factory fur farms for their entire lives or caught in the wild in vicious traps where they may languish in agony for days and sometimes even chew off their own limbs in a desperate attempt to escape.

Rylan is not alone in rejecting this cruelty and coming out as fur-free and proud. Celebs, such as TV judge Simon Cowell, model Austin Armacost and singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, have all taken PETA’s fur-free pledge, and the list of fur-free designers – including Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger –continues to grow. And according to a poll, 95 per cent of the British public would never wear real fur.