Judge Dredd’s New Studio Can Help Prevent Environmental Destruction by Going Vegan

Posted by on March 4, 2019 | Permalink

With Rebellion Productions – the media company behind the Judge Dredd franchise – poised to open a new film studio complex in Didcot, PETA sent CEO Jason Kingsley a letter asking him to help prevent a real-life dystopian future by ensuring that only vegan food is served there.

PETA’s letter reads as follows:

As you know, in Judge Dredd’s fictional world, the Earth has been devastated environmentally. To survive, inhabitants of Mega-City One live off “munce”, a high-protein plant that fulfils all their dietary needs. Likewise, vegan eating is the solution to avoiding environmental devastation on our Earth.

Animal agriculture is a major contributor to climate change. Raising animals to eat them is totally inefficient and causes deforestation, droughts, desertification, and the devastation of ecosystems. That’s why the United Nations, along with leading environmentalists, is calling for a global shift towards a plant-based diet.

Scientists and world leaders are calling this a time of climate emergency, biological annihilation, and even mass extinction. But if we switched from consuming cows to eating soya, we could use 97 per cent less land to harvest the same amount of protein, while also slashing our greenhouse-gas emissions. And unlike the residents of Mega-City One, we don’t need to munch on “munce”, as we have a vibrant variety of exciting vegan foods readily available to us.

Planetary destruction is a common theme in sci-fi worlds, but it’s getting closer to becoming reality. If we continue to eat other animals at the rate we currently do, our planet will become a hothouse, its land deforested and virtually barren of all life – apart from humans and the miserable, suffering animals we breed to eat. Future generations will judge us if we condemn the Earth to such a fate. We can all help protect the environment by going vegan.