PETA’s Anti-Bullfighting Ad Blocked Ahead of San Fermín Festival. See It Now!

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Why won’t advertising companies run a new anti-bullfighting PETA campaign featuring iconic Mexican actor and PETA US honorary director, Kate del Castillo?

Mikel Muruzabal

We had planned to run the ad near the train station, airport, and bullring in Pamplona, Spain, ahead of this year’s San Fermín festival and the notorious Running of the Bulls – but ad companies in the region didn’t accept the non-graphic image. One company even claimed that the Pamplona council blocked the ad.

Since the ad campaign was rejected, PETA is fly-posting it around the city centre.

Mikel Muruzabal

After more and more people have denounced the torment, stabbing, and killing of terrified bulls, the rejection of an anti-bullfighting message is cowardly and bad business.

Mikel Muruzabal

Why Pamplona?

More than 125 Spanish towns and cities have rejected the torturing of bulls for entertainment, and only 2% of Spanish people visited a bullfight in the year 2021–2022. But at festivals like San Fermín, taking place in Pamplona, bulls are still subjected to confusion and terror and risk injury from crashing into barriers and walls, falling and breaking their legs, or colliding with each other.

Each bull is eventually herded into the bullring, where men on horses drive lances into his back and neck, then others plunge banderillas into his back.

Finally, after the bull has become weak from blood loss, the matador appears and attempts to kill him by severing his aorta or spinal cord with a sword. The bull may be paralysed but still conscious as his body is dragged from the arena.

Watch this powerful video in which Kate del Castillo describes a bullfight from the animal’s point of view:

Against Bullfighting? Take Action Now!

Sign our petition urging the mayor of Pamplona to end the Running of the Bulls and subsequent bullfights during the San Fermín festival: