PETA India Names Rescued Cow After Kim Kardashian

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For Mother’s Day in India (9 May), PETA’s Indian affiliate has named a drop-dead gorgeous, rescued mother cow there after Kim Kardashian to thank the mother of four for showing compassion to mums of all species by promoting a vegan diet to her family and her over 200 million followers.

A sanctuary supported by PETA gained custody of the lactating cow – who had likely been exploited for her milk – after her former owner was caught abusing her on the street.

Keeping Up With Kim the Cow

Now, Kim the cow enjoys snacking on green grass, sorghum, groundnut cakes, and even the fodder that’s carted around in a wheelbarrow. Since arriving at her lush new home, she’s made two dear friends: a bullock named Sonya and a fellow cow named Meena.

While Kim the rescued cow prefers calm days in the shade and out of the limelight, in all the ways that count, she’s like human Kim – she is devoted to her family and loves spending time with friends.

Why Kim Cowdashian Needed Help

The dairy industry artificially impregnates cows through a violating, painful process and then separates them from their newborn babies. Mother cows have been heard calling for their calves for days.

The strain of continual pregnancy, birth, loss, and unnatural milking exhausts cows and often leaves them lame. When they are worn out and can no longer produce high volumes of milk, they’re sent to the abattoir and killed for cheap meat.

Male calves may be killed for veal, while most female calves endure the same fate as their mothers.

Find out more about the reasons you should ditch dairy here.

How You Can Help Other Cows Like Kim

Kim Kardashian is kindly keeping up with the times by going vegan. Join her on her journey and take a wonderful step for animals by signing our 30-day vegan pledge:

Taking the pledge will give you tonnes of helpful top tips, but if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to ditching dairy, check out our ultimate guide to vegan milks: