Kimberly Wyatt Shows the Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry

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Former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt stars in a brand-new PETA ad shot by star photographer Karl Grant urging the European Union to stick to the planned 2013 deadline to ban all animal-tested cosmetics.

The EU was on track to ban all animal-tested cosmetics – now they might be changing their minds.

Kimberly Wyatt: The Ugly Side of Beauty

Kimberly said in an exclusive interview with PETA.

“As a businesswoman and make-up connoisseur, I have the chance to do things my way! I don’t want to inflict harm on anything or anyone, especially animals that don’t have a voice.” She added, “I find it completely unnecessary to test cosmetics on animals for the vanity of human beings”.

Describing her new hard-hitting PETA ad, Kimberly said,

“The image is a bit hard to look at! But I think it represents the animals that deal with the effects of cosmetic testing perfectly. I just hope it inspires positive change”.

In a major victory for animals, the EU agreed in 2003 to a ban on all animal tests for cosmetics and a complete ban on the sale of cosmetics products containing ingredients tested on animals. In 2009, the sales ban came into force, with exemptions for certain tests that were still permitted. The final deadline to ban the marketing of every cosmetics product containing ingredients tested on animals is March 2013.

The sales ban means that companies worldwide hoping to export their products to the EU will have to change their animal-testing ways. This prospect has already led to the development of effective and humane non-animal test methods.

But now the EU is considering delaying that 2013 deadline for years, perhaps even indefinitely. If that happens, it will wipe out the motivation for cosmetics companies to develop alternatives and will essentially put cosmetics before the lives of animals.

As Kimberly says,

“The sales ban is important because it saves animals worldwide from cruel treatment. But the only way to make sure it happens as promised is if we band together and push for it”.

Please urge the European Commission and the European Chemicals Agency NEVER to allow cosmetics ingredients to be tested on animals.