Kirsty Gallacher Calls On Edinburgh Zoo to Cancel Late-Night Parties

Posted by on April 26, 2015 | Permalink

In light of reports that Edinburgh Zoo plan to bring back their “Zoo Nights” events – in which partygoers create a loud, stressful environment for the animals on display – Edinburgh-born TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher fired off an urgent letter on behalf of PETA calling on the zoo to cancel the traumatising events.

According to Edinburgh Zoo’s website, visitors will be permitted to consume alcohol and enjoy other after-hours entertainment to kick-start their Friday nights. At similar recent events at the London Zoo, one person reportedly tried to pour beer on a tiger, another allegedly attempted to undress and enter the enclosure that held penguins and another fell and “accidentally” punched a bird, among other incidents.

“It’s plain to see that these late-night events are a horrible idea and only add to the stress already experienced by animals in captivity by exposing them to increased noise levels and to humans who in their drunken stupors may get carried away and attempt to harass the animals – all during their usual resting hours”, writes Kirsty in her letter to Chris West, the chief executive of Edinburgh Zoo.

“Zoos must put the safety and well-being of the animals in their care above all else, and I implore you to do just that and cancel ‘Zoo Nights’ immediately.”

Kirsty joins nearly 8,000 PETA supporters in calling on the zoo to cancel “Zoo Nights”. You can join them here:

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