‘La Boucherie Éthique’: French Mockumentary Reveals the Absurdity of ‘Happy Meat’ Claims

Posted by on July 11, 2018 | Permalink

How far will meat-eaters go to maintain the illusion of “happy meat”? La Boucherie Éthique (Ethical Butchery), a humorous mockumentary from French filmmakers Les Parasites, follows a butcher who performs amputations on animals and then fits them with prosthetics in an absurd attempt to produce “ethical” meat. You can watch the full film, now subtitled in English, here:

The film is funny but includes a hard-hitting animal rights message: “ethical” meat doesn’t exist. While there’s no such thing as amputated meat, investigative footage reveals that real labels on butchers’ shelves, such as “free-range” and “humane”, are just as absurd. All animals suffer in the meat industry.

If you’re concerned about cruelty to animals, climate change, or your health, ignore the meat industry’s marketing gimmicks – the best choice you can make is to go vegan. It’s becoming more and more popular every day, and as a result, vegan options abound in restaurants, in supermarkets, and on the high street. Order PETA’s free vegan starter kit for recipes and advice.