Lamb or Labrador for Your Easter Feast?

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If you wouldn’t eat a labrador, why eat a lamb? Ahead of Easter, PETA has placed these billboards in Cardiff Central station:

Credit: Nuria Serna Photography

Did you know that Wales is home to over 10 million sheep – nearly a third of Britain’s sheep population? Our dogged pro-vegan appeal is designed to get people thinking about who they see in the butcher’s window.

If you despise the idea of eating a dog, extend the tenet of mercy to all animals by enjoying a vegan meal this Easter and beyond.

Lambs and Labradors Deserve Compassion

Lambs and dogs are the same in all the ways that count – from feeling joy and pain to bonding with their loved ones. We treasure dogs who shower us with love and trust, something lambs would do, too, if given the chance. It’s speciesism – prejudice based on species – that allows you to cuddle a puppy while you chew the roasted flesh of a dead baby sheep for your Easter meal.

Each year, millions of lambs bred for their flesh die from exposure, malnutrition, or disease within days of birth, and survivors are typically slaughtered when they’re just 10 weeks old. During their short lives, they may undergo painful mutilations, such as tail-docking and castration, without painkillers.

Sheep farming, putting rubber ring on testicles of lamb in lambing shed, Lancashire, England, April

Before they end up on someone’s plate, terrified lambs are packed onto lorries – sometimes without food or water – for gruelling journeys to their deaths, and some are still conscious and aware as workers cut their throat. Will you take a stand against this cruelty?

Choose Vegan Roasts This Easter

With the abundance of delicious vegan roasts and other treats available, celebrating Easter with kindness has never been easier.

Are you ready to embrace change beyond Easter? Get your copy of PETA’s free vegan starter kit today!