Could Larry the Cat ‘Purrsuade’ Theresa May to Get Big Cats Out of Circuses?

Posted by on August 15, 2016 | Permalink

Life at Number 10 may be pawsitively posh for Larry the cat, but his feline brethren who are used and abused in circuses aren’t so lucky.

We’ve written a letter to Larry, Number 10’s resident cat, urging him to join our efforts to get wild animals out of the circus by being the campaign’s official spokescat. The letter asks him to imagine having his beloved toys and catnip taken away and being forced to live with his well-known nemesis and Whitehall neighbour, Palmerston, just as wild animals in circuses suffer inside barren cages without any enrichment and are often forced to live in dangerously incompatible groups.

There were rumours that his previous Whitehall mentor was “more of a dog person” – a position reflected, perhaps, by his failed promise to ban the use of big cats and other wild animals in circuses. But now he has the opportunity (as we all do!) to right this wrong and use his boundless charm to urge Prime Minister Theresa May to introduce this legislation.

Prime Minister May has the chance to bring England and Wales in line with Austria, Mexico, the Netherlands, and many other countries that have outlawed wild-animal performances. Please join the campaign and ask her to outlaw unethical and archaic animal performances.