Laura Whitmore Talks Compassionate Fashion

Posted by on December 2, 2013 | Permalink

MTV Europe host Laura Whitmore teams up with PETA for vegan fashion content MTV Europe host Laura Whitmore is the celebrity judge for our ethical shoe design competition with vegan brand Beyond Skin! The bubbly Irish beauty and style icon will be casting her expert eye over the shortlisted entries and deciding which ones are hot or not.

She explains why she chose to get on board with the trend toward vegan shoes:

I truly believe that the future of fashion lies in sustainable, cruelty-free materials, and companies like Beyond Skin and organisations like PETA are leading the way in creating awareness. I hope I can help a budding creative to kick-start a career in fashion.

We all have a choice when it comes to fashion. But most importantly, the consumer needs to be aware where their clothes and accessories are coming from. Sadly, the demand for snakeskin, lizard skin and other exotic skins fuels poaching and extreme cruelty and has caused many species to become endangered. Wildlife experts have said that the endangered species of tomorrow can be seen in the fashion magazines of today.

For someone who loves fashion and cares about animals, the great news is that from the catwalk to the high street, the availability of clothes and shoes made from faux leather and faux suede is on the rise.

I am simply looking for ambitious young designers to put their best vegan foot forward and show me their idea for a new cruelty-free pump, flat, bootie or wedge. This competition is their chance to be a part of the trend towards compassionate fashion.

She also shared her own footwear ideas: “I would probably design some outrageously high faux-leather ankle boots that would be impossible to walk in. Good job I’m not entering!”

For your chance to be one of our finalists, send us your shoe designs by 13 December. Full details are available here: