PETA Urges LEGO to Rebrand Misleading Farm Set as Animal Sanctuary

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Following the launch of LEGO’s new farm set, which offers a false and misleading depiction of animal agriculture, PETA sent a letter to the toy manufacturer’s CEO, Niels Christiansen, urging him to fix the misstep.

Our suggestion? Rebrand the set as a sanctuary, where animals are free to live out their lives in peace. The reality for farmed animals is a far cry from LEGO’s peaceful, happy scene, which misleads children. Animals suffer in the filthy, blood-soaked meat, egg, and dairy industries – which are both cruel and a leading cause of the climate catastrophe.

Children Must Not Be Misled

This rebrand would help children recognise that animals are sentient beings who feel joy, pain, love, and grief and should be cared for, not treated as edible commodities to be used and abused.

It’s time we all stopped misleading children about the horror and cruelty behind their dairy milkshakes and beef burgers.

The Reality Behind LEGO’s ‘Farm Set’

Animals endure daily misery in squalid, crowded conditions and a terrifying death at the abattoir.

In the meat, egg, and dairy industries, cows are forcibly separated from their beloved calves, chickens’ throats are slit while they’re still conscious, and piglets may be castrated and their tails cut off without painkillers.

Children should be brought up to be compassionate and not ignorant about animal suffering.

Chickens crammed together on "free-range" egg farm.


Growing Up Amid the Climate Catastrophe

By rebranding the farm as a sanctuary, LEGO would send a positive message about our relationship with other animals and allow children to imagine a world in which everyone is cared for and slaughter and forced confinement are a thing of the past.

Children playing with LEGO today are growing up amid a climate catastrophe, the worst effects of which the United Nations advises can be mitigated by a global switch to vegan eating.

Going vegan can reduce your carbon footprint from food by up to 73% – it’s time we all took personal responsibility.

How You Can Help

You can use your voice to help animals destined for a miserable and painful life on a filthy, cramped factory farm. Speak out now to help stop Europe’s largest dairy farm:

We can all help spare animals a life of misery by going vegan. Start today by ordering our vegan starter kit and taking our vegan pledge: