Let Your Compassion Run Wild With Yelle

Posted by on August 30, 2011 | Permalink

Yelle has an abundant amount of untamed compassion for animals and has helped to produce a fierce new PETA ad urging you to “let your compassion run wild” by being comfortable in your own skin and letting animals keep theirs.

“I am against wearing fur”, Yelle tells us. “It’s not normal!” And straight up, she’s right. There is nothing normal about killing animals to wear their fur. It’s not fashionable; it’s not trendy. It’s just cruel.


While it’s appalling to think that anyone still wears fur, the shocking truth is that many people are unaware of the horrific cruelty involved in the making of each fur-trimmed coat and hat and atrocious foxtail accessory. Each year, millions of rabbits, raccoons, foxes, dogs and cats are killed for their fur. After enduring horrible living conditions on fur farms, animals are often beaten to death, skinned alive or anally electrocuted in order to avoid harming their pelts – all to make a profit for an industry that is barbaric and unnecessary.

So, let your compassion run wild – don’t support the fur industry. Be comfortable in your own skin and let animals keep theirs.