Let’s Create a Vegan World – Not Just Through What We Eat but Also by What We Wear, Buy, and Support

Posted by on September 7, 2017 | Permalink

The animal rights movement has seen major victories for animals. Just in the last year, the US’ notorious Ringling Bros circus closed downSeaWorld stopped breeding orcas, the angora rabbit fur market collapsed, and laws went onto many countries’ books that make cruelty to animals a criminal offence and that even ban some of the worst chemical tests on animals! PETA and its international affiliates are making the world a far less cruel place for animals.

If you’re happy about these victories, consider this chilling thought: some people say that the only thing that we should spend our time and money on is fighting factory farming – to the exclusion of all else. But if we had listened to that advice, none of these victories would have been achieved. Watch as Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s founder and managing director, explains why it’s so vital that we fight to protect all animals, not just those used for food:

So let’s do everything that we can think of – all the time – to help all animals, in every way. Let’s create a vegan world, not just through what we eat but also by what we wear and buy, how we entertain ourselves, and how we treat every single living being.