‘Lettuce Ladies’ Offer Delicious Meat-Free Christmas Roast to Oxford Shoppers

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Two PETA supporters urged Oxford residents to extend the holiday spirit of peace and goodwill to all by leaving animals off their plates this Christmas. Dressed in lettuce bikinis, they braved the cold streets of Oxford to offer up delicious meat-free alternatives to the holiday shoppers.

Lettuce Ladies 10

Lettuce Ladies 8

The “Lettuce Ladies” handed out free slices of Tofurky, a tasty alternative to turkey, to prove that vegan options are the delicious and compassionate choice. Turkeys are fascinating animals with their own unique personalities, but birds farmed for the dinner table live in horrific and cramped conditions, endure painful break-trimming and are killed after about five months of life. Turkeys and other animals deserve better than to be heartlessly farmed for the sake of a holiday meal.

Thanks to the array of mock meats available, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a festive meal packed with all the flavour of meat – but none of the cruelty. All your holiday favourites can be made without animal-derived products: