Lincolnshire Pig Lorry Crash – Help Prevent Further Tragedies

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Yesterday morning, a lorry carrying 180 pigs overturned at the A16 bypass in Cowbit – causing immense suffering and the deaths of at least 20 terrified pigs.

For nothing more than some bacon and burgers, this crash left animals mangled and suffering on an already terrifying trip to the abattoir. Activists rushed to the scene to try to help and offer surviving pigs sanctuary, but they found that workers were cleaning up blood after the survivors had been moved on.

Last night, grassroots activist group Lincolnshire Animal Save held a vigil for the pigs outside the abattoir that was to be their final destination. And PETA is looking to commemorate these animals – we have sent a letter to Lincolnshire Council asking for permission to erect a tombstone memorial at the scene.

The tribute would feature an image of a pig next to these words: “In memory of the pigs who suffered and died in a lorry accident at this spot. Try vegan”. It would remind all drivers, including those with animals on board, to slow down and travel safely, while also pointing out that everyone can prevent slaughter trucks from travelling the motorway by choosing vegan meals.

You Can Help Pigs

From factory farms to abattoirs, animals in the meat industry are treated as nothing more than disposable commodities, whose only purpose is to generate profit for farmers. It’s standard practice to keep intelligent, curious pigs indoors in dark sheds for their entire short lives, to mutilate them without painkillers (for example, by cutting off their tails), and to confine mother pigs to farrowing crates so small that they can’t turn around before they give birth. In a 2016 PETA exposé, activists visited UK pig farms to see for themselves how the animals were treated. This is what they found:

The conditions you see in this video aren’t unusual. Up and down the country, pigs raised for pork, bacon, and ham live and die in misery on farms that look a lot like this one.

The best way to help these animals is to stop paying for this cruelty. Get details on switching to a meat-free diet: