Hair Violently Torn From ‘Goat’ Outside London Fashion Week

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Today, the London Fashion Week crowd was shocked to hear the cries of a “goat” being tortured for cashmere. PETA supporters held a protest outside the British Fashion Council’s NEWGEN Show Space to demonstrate what happens to thousands of goats every year in the cashmere industry.

The British Fashion Council’s NEWGEN Show Space is the venue for several up-and-coming designers’ shows during London Fashion Week. To highlight to them that cashmere is cruel and that animal-free fashion is the future, a “farm worker” pinned down a screaming and nearly nude PETA supporter dressed as a goat and “tore” their hair out with a giant silver comb, leaving them with “bloody wounds” and red raw skin.

Cashmere Is Torture for Goats

The action follows a new PETA Asia investigation in Mongolia that shows goats screaming in pain and terror as their hair is violently ripped out for cashmere garments.

PETA Asia documented that adult goats were sent to slaughter once they were no longer considered profitable and that workers hit them on the head with a hammer and slit their throats, leaving them to twitch in agony for over four minutes as they bled out.

Nightmare for the Planet

Furthermore, cashmere – alongside wool and leather – has a significant negative impact on biodiversity. Cashmere goats eat 10% of their body weight every day, including the roots of the plant, which prevents regrowth and contributes to desertification. There are now 3.3 million people in Mongolia – and 27 million goats used for cashmere. Once-lush farmlands are now dust: desertification has already claimed 80% of Mongolia’s grassland and threatens the entire nation.

The Future of Fashion Is Vegan

When there is an abundance of innovative vegan textiles available, there is absolutely no need to torture goats for cashmere. We are calling on all fashion designers to reject this abusive industry and instead choose compassionate materials that are kinder to animals and the planet.

What You Can Do

Never buy cashmere and tell your friends about PETA Asia’s investigation.

Help us put pressure on Burberry and other brands still using hair stolen from goats by sending them a message now: