Lucy Watson Reveals the Shocking Cruelty of Cashmere in New PETA Video

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Still wearing cashmere? This video will change things. Former Made in Chelsea star, author, and outspoken vegan, Lucy Watson, has teamed up with PETA in a newly released video exposing the horrors of the cashmere industry. Watch it now:

It’s not the first time she’s joined hands with PETA to speak out against cruelty to animals in the name of fashion. Previously, Watson helped shed light on the reality of the fur and down feather industries, and now, she’s explaining why compassionate shoppers should leave cashmere on the shelf, too.

“When you’re shopping, remember this footage and the pain in their eyes. Please, vote with your wallet: never buy cashmere.”

– Lucy Watson

The Cruelty Behind a Cashmere Coat

The new video includes material from PETA Asia’s investigations into cashmere farms and new footage from Mongolia.

PETA Asia has documented goats screaming in pain and terror as workers tie their legs together, pin them down, and tear out their hair in a process that can take up to an hour – and that sometimes leaves these animals with bleeding wounds.

Goats are prey animals, so being forcefully restrained petrifies them. Their horns are often tethered, leaving them vulnerable and defenceless as workers violently tug out their hair with large metal combs or hack it off with shears. The goats struggle, and the workers respond by slamming their bodies to the ground.

Once the goats no longer produce enough hair to be profitable, workers bash them on the head with a hammer and slit their throats. At one slaughterhouse, goats were seen moving for four agonising minutes as they slowly bled to death.

‘Responsible’ Claims Are a Lie

PETA Asia’s latest investigation exposed rampant animal abuse at cashmere operations in Mongolia, including at those certified as producers of misleadingly labelled “responsible” cashmere.

The findings reveal that – no matter what the label says – all cashmere comes from goats whose hair was violently stolen from them before they were slaughtered.

The Cashmere Industry Is Turning Our Planet Into a Desert

Did you know that goats must consume more than 10% of their body weight in roughage every day and they often eat plants down to the root, preventing them from growing back?

About 80% of the recent decline in vegetation on grassland is attributable to the explosion of goat and other ruminant animal populations in Mongolia. The United Nations Development Programme found that 90% of Mongolia consists of dry, vulnerable land that’s under increasing threat of desertification.

Take Action for Goats

Show this new video to your friends and encourage them to stay away from cashmere.

Tell Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prada, Gucci, Hermès, Chanel, Burberry, Naadam, Bottega Veneta, and other brands to choose only vegan materials and stop supporting the exploitation and slaughter of goats.