Lucy Watson Wants You to Know That Feathers Belong on Birds, Not Beds

Posted by on June 21, 2016 | Permalink

TV star Lucy Watson is urging everyone to ditch cruelly produced down bedding for kinder options in this provocative new ad.

After watching a shocking exposé of the down industry, which showed how birds are violently restrained before having feathers ripped from their sensitive bodies, Lucy swore off down and decided to go cruelty-free with her bedding.

The horrendously painful process of live plucking is often repeated over and over again until a bird is eventually sent to slaughter – if the bird even survives that long. As Lucy explains:

[The feathers] are plucked continuously and forcefully from the birds and sometimes they die just from the shock.

If you buy down, there’s usually no way of knowing where the feathers have come from. Some down can even come from foie gras farms, where geese are force-fed with metal tubes shoved down their throats until their liver becomes diseased.

In the video, filmed at the campaign photo shoot by Sally Rose, Lucy points out that it’s easy to avoid causing birds to suffer by choosing cosy synthetic bedding:

It’s cruelty free, allergy free and most of the time it’s less expensive. Next time you’re out buying duvets or pillows, if it says “down” on the label – leave it on the shelf.

When you need to pick up some new pillows, bear in mind the torment that birds might have gone through for the sake of a few feathers. Please choose a cruelty-free option instead.