PETA US Asks LVMH to Drop Fur and Exotic Skins Ahead of Its Annual Meeting

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When will LVMH make the sensible decision to move away from the dangerous and cruel trade in the skins of minks, alligators, foxes, and pythons and invest in the future?

PETA US submitted this question ahead of the fashion group’s annual general meeting on Thursday, 15 April. PETA US has been an LVMH shareholder since 2017.

LVMH executives need to join Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger, and numerous other brands that have committed to banning fur and exotic skins. Their socially responsible decision spares billions of sentient individuals suffering and helps safeguard public health.

What’s Wrong With Fur and Exotic Skins?

Behind every item made with fur or exotic skin is an animal who’s endured pain and suffering.

On fur farms, animals typically spend their entire lives confined to cramped, filthy cages, where they have no opportunity to engage in natural behaviour, such as playing, running, finding food, and raising a family.

Jo-Anne McArthur / #MakeFurHistory

The stress of this extreme confinement often drives them insane, and fighting, self-mutilation, and cannibalism are common. At the end of their miserable lives, they face a horrific death – often by gassing, electrocution, or poisoning.

The exotic-skins industry is just as barbaric and cruel. Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, is aware of a PETA’s brand-new exposé of the industry. The footage shows workers inflating snakes to death with compressed air and electrocuting, trampling, and stabbing crocodiles who were presumably still conscious.

These are common practices in the exotic-skins trade, and yet, LVMH refuses to cut ties with the industry.

Fur and Exotic Skins Could Cause the Next Pandemic

LVMH’s stubbornness puts public health at risk. By continuing to use exotic skins and fur, the fashion house supports the unsanitary confinement of stressed and sick animals and their slaughter in appalling conditions.

The fur industry is directly involved in the spread of the novel coronavirus. Outbreaks have been recorded on fur farms in Canada, Denmark – where a variant of the disease in minks has infected humans – France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United States, resulting in the emergency slaughter of millions of animals.

What You Can Do

PETA is calling on LVMH to eliminate the risk that its crocodile-skin bags and fur coats pose to public health and stop supporting animal suffering.

Join us! Urge LVMH to move away from fur and exotic skins:

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