Good News! Isabel Marant Confirms Ban on Angora, Fur, and Exotic Skins Following Talks With PETA France

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French brand Isabel Marant has confirmed to PETA France that it has banned angora, fur, and exotic skins from all its collections.

Representatives of the company confirmed in an e-mail to PETA France that “Isabel Marant no longer uses angora yarn” and “we no longer sell fur or exotic skin items”. We welcome this commitment from the fashion label, which has stores in 19 countries.

Isabel Marant’s compassionate decision will spare rabbits the painful ordeal of having their fur pulled out while conscious, crocodiles and snakes the agony of being skinned alive, and foxes, minks, and other animals the horror of being violently slaughtered for their fur.

We urge all other designers to cut ties with these cruel trades and embrace a compassionate – vegan – future of fashion.

Animals Are Not Ours to Wear

PETA entities have documented how the fashion industry suffocates and electrocutes animals for their fur, rips the hair off screaming angora rabbits, chops conscious lizards’ heads off with machetes, and forces terrified ostriches into stun boxes before slitting their throats.

COVID-19 outbreaks have occurred on fur farms around the world, prompting nationwide closures, and experts warn that exotic-animal farms are also breeding grounds for pathogens – increasing the risk of future pandemics.

Which Fashion House Will Be Next?

Burberry, Stella McCartney, and Diane Von Furstenberg are among the top designers that have banned exotic skins, fur, and angora. Join PETA in calling on Louis Vuitton and Hermès to follow suit: