When Is the Right Time to Make a Will? Now – When It’s Free!

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PETA is celebrating “Remember a Charity” Week, which runs from 6 to 12 September, by launching a free will-writing service.

Entering your details online takes about 15 minutes, and the team at Bequeathed will contact you to arrange a free consultation with a legal professional to review your will. Then, all you need to do is sign it in front of witnesses.

Why It’s Important to Make a Will

Making a will is the only way to ensure that your wishes will be carried out as you want them to be.

There’s no obligation to leave a gift to PETA, but once you’ve provided for family and friends, we hope you’ll consider it. And if you choose to let us know that you have remembered us in your will, you’ll be enrolled into our Augustus Club, a community of members who have made legacy gifts to support our work against cruelty to animals.

Stefania and Graham are Augustus Club members. They explain why it was important to them to include gifts to PETA in their wills:

“We wanted to leave all our possessions to [our cat] Lila, but we suspect that she would just buy treats and catnip! So we decided to include PETA in our estate plans. As much as we’d like to see the end of all discrimination in our lifetime, animal rights will take longer than that to achieve. We decided that PETA is the organisation to carry on this ideal on our behalf.”

– Stefania and Graham, Augustus Club members