Man Is Gored to Death During Bull Run in Spain

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A man has reportedly died after being gored in the neck during a bull-running event in Spain this weekend. According to the Mail Online, the 33-year-old was participating in a festival in a small town in Guadalajara province, Castilla-La Mancha, when he provoked the bull by waving a piece of clothing at him.

This man’s pointless death is yet another reason why bull runs, bullfights, and other so-called “festivals” in which bulls are abused should be banned as a matter of urgency. In addition to the obvious cruelty, tormenting a panicked animal is extremely reckless, especially when that animal weighs hundreds of kilograms. Surrounded by a screaming crowd making threatening advances, it’s only natural that the bull would seek to defend himself.

Humans choose to participate in these events knowing the risks, but the bulls are given no such choice.

What You Can Do

The only way to prevent more deaths – of humans and bulls – is to ban bull runs, bullfights, and other similarly cruel spectacles. Please sign our petition to the Prime Minister of Spain asking him to put an end to this torture.

Bull lying bleeding after bullfight

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