Former President of Ireland’s Vegan-Friendly Plea

Posted by on September 30, 2016 | Permalink

Mary Robinson, a former President of Ireland, is encouraging people from developed countries to go vegetarian or vegan in order to reduce their carbon footprint in her recent speech at the One Young World Summit.

Feeding massive amounts of grain and water to farmed animals, then killing them and processing, transporting, and storing their flesh is extremely energy-intensive. Raising animals for food is one of the largest sources of carbon-dioxide emissions and the single largest source of both nitrous-oxide and methane emissions, all of which are major contributors to climate change. In her speech, Robinson said:

We have to change, we cannot go on with business as usual.

We need each of us to think about our carbon footprint. Eat less meat, or no meat at all. Become vegetarian or vegan.

Let’s commit to the Paris agreement. Let’s commit to leave no one behind.

To say thank you for highlighting once again that going vegan is by far the best way to fight climate change, PETA has sent the former President a delicious gift: an edible bouquet with “blossoms” of aubergines, peppers, and radishes.


By adopting meat-free eating habits, the residents of developed nations will help the environment and save the lives of millions of animals. Go vegan today: