This Man’s Death Was Horrible – But What Happens to Bulls Is So Much Worse

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A matador was gored to death live on Spanish TV this weekend.

Warning: graphic content

At a bullfight in Teruel in eastern Spain, professional matador Victor Barrio was luring an injured bull with his red cape when he was gored through the chest. Barrio was rushed to hospital but died from his injuries.

The shocking footage depicts the first time a bullfighter has died in Spain since 1985 – in stark contrast to the hundreds of thousands of bulls who have been slowly and painfully killed in bullrings over the past 30 years.

It’s hardly surprising that the bull, Lorenzo, who was already bleeding from spears that had been thrust into his back, seized the opportunity to lash out at his tormentor. And unlike Barrio, who voluntarily chose to risk his life by adopting a career as a matador, Lorenzo had no choice about appearing in the bullring – and no chance of leaving it alive.

bullfighting ring and mantadors

On the same day, another man was gored to death while taking part in a bull run in the village of Pedreguer. And at least two people sustained serious injuries after being gored at the infamous Running of the Bulls in Pamplona this year.

Bullfights and bull runs are cruel to the animals involved. But as this week’s events have illustrated – yet again – they can also be fatal to humans.

Many towns and cities across Spain have already banned bullfights. Now is the moment to urge other major Spanish cities to end these bloody events, for the sake of animals and their citizens.